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The Team

Moeed Yousaf


The grandson of one of the most prominent businessmen of Pakistan, Moeed was always interested in becoming an entrepreneur. Art history and architecture were his passion at Princeton, after which he worked in New York as a young investment banker, relishing his life in the city that offered everything in abundance - art, fashion, music, and above all, unparalleled glamour!

After living in New York, Moeed moved to Paris to attend INSEAD, and all ideas of what he wanted to pursue in life were forever changed. He fell in love with the mood and the energy of the city, and the chic sophistication of the Parisian woman.

Wanting to transport the beauty and sophistication of Paris back to his country, he unveiled an extravagant plan to create luxury for women. The underlying theme: beauty, luxury, and chic sophistication.

The first MUSE store was opened in the heart of Lahore - a white dazzling marbled space full of mirrors, where the clothes hang like jewelry pieces on delicate black racks. There is a selection of art books and music, and each table is adorned with a vase of fresh roses every morning.

Moeed is responsible for the overall creative direction of the company, as well as business development.

Faryal Aftab

Creative Director

Faryal's childhood was marked with extensive travels to Europe with her parents and Paris was the summer home. The city seduced her impressionable mind and it seemed to her, as if she had stumbled upon a new place that promised magic.

"I learnt to draw in Paris and I began to see a different world. It was an intense assortment of beauty and elegance and architecture and art. As a twelve year, I would cry away demanding to be taken to the stores near the Opera. Today, I am obsessed with everything French."

Her school notebooks contained less academic notes and more illustrations and although Faryal went on to study graphic design, it was obvious that the world of fashion was going to pull her in, one way or another.

And that is exactly what happened: Faryal moved to Lahore when she was thirty. At a dinner she was introduced to Moeed Yousaf, an entrepreneur who had returned from Paris with a plan to start a fashion company.

He spoke passionately about building a company to create luxurious and sophisticated fashion that would match the Paris fashion houses. She fell in love with the idea because it mirrored her own intensity to create beautiful clothes for women.

Unknown to the fashion world till three years ago, she is now responsible for creating the soft, feminine,  and modern pieces season after season at MUSE.

"I love creating new embellishment on silks. It comes from my mother. Our house was always full of embroidery books and patterns. My mother would make the most delicate pastel French knots..."

It is Faryal's eye for detail that makes the MUSE collections unique:  “I want to present a chic state of mind... and create wardrobes dedicated to women who embrace elegance, glamour, and romance.”