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About MUSE


MUSE is a luxury womenswear, menswear, shoes, and accessoriews fashion line. Our passion is creating beautiful and luxurious pieces. We use some of the finest fabrics and combine them with sleek, modern designing, and a hand embroidering tradition that goes back centuries.

The MUSE woman and man is cosmopolitan, confident, and loves fashion. Our aesthetic is glamorous with a touch of dark romance.

The idea for MUSE was born in Paris, watching how fashionable Parisian women were, and how each one had her own style. The sophistication and chic of the Parisian women, combined with the beauty of the city became a heady mixture, and we instantly fell in love.

We wondered how the style, romance, and magic of Paris could be transported back home, and quickly realized that moving Paris, or convincing the Parisians to move, was quite impossible. What was possible, however, was creating clothes that were as sophisticated, chic, and luxurious.

Our aim was to create a new aesthetic, using the most luxurious fabrics, and the most skilled craftsmen to produce a contemporary mixture of fashion, luxury, and art, worked and reworked over weeks and weeks till we felt like we had fallen in love all over again.